Moon Kissed


My husband, John, and I set up on the Montrose bridge the evening before the full moon, when it rises an hour earlier at dusk. The goal was to photograph the rising moon  over the Houston skyline as the sun set, creating a warm glow on the buildings. Another necessary element was to have Buffalo Bayou winding through the center with buildings and trees reflecting on its surface. We arrived early, checked out several spots, chose the best location … and waited. From the lunar navigation app on my iPhone, it appeared the moon would be rising behind a cluster of buildings and we would not see her until about twenty minutes after she surfaced the horizon. Unfortunately, she rose too far to the right. I still got some pretty good shots and was accepting of going home with less than I hoped for. Then we thought, “let’s take a walk across the Rosemont Bridge to see it from a different perspective …”

Before arriving at the foot of the bridge, we encountered the Tolerance sculptures, created by Barcelona based artist Jaume Plensa. I saw potential in combining the June Strawberry Moon with the sculptures. As I approached one in particular, Moon Kissed came to me. I proceeded to make many tripod and camera adjustments in order to be precise in my placement of the moon. I shot many frames, made a final adjustment, realized it was in the exact right spot and broke out in what my husband calls a celebratory, victory dance. I call it

Don’t quit five minutes before the miracle … “


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2 Responses to Moon Kissed

  1. Theresa Dimenno says:

    Ogrodzenia, thank you for your interest in my photography! I am planning to begin creating more blog posts in the near future. Please look to the right side of the page and you will see a place to submit your contact information.

  2. Theresa Dimenno says:

    Thank you Megan. I’ve been diligently working on an extensive nature catalog which should be up and running soon. I haven’t made many blog postings, but plan to on a regular basis once the catalog is finished. Thanks for reaching out!

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